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What is the membership fee to join HSGS?

$4.99 per year for Player; Free General Membership; $100 per year for College Coach; FREE for High School Coaches & Press Pass.

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What form of payment does HSGS take for membership subscription?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

How do I Sign-in?

After your online registration is confirmed, you will receive an email containing your initial sign-in ID and password.

If I forgot my password, how do I RESET it?

You can RESET your password by filling out the following form using your registered email address. (please check your junk folder just in case the account's settings are set to high)

How do I CHANGE my password so I can remember it?

You may also CHANGE your initial password to a personal password that is easier to remember through your account page.

How long does my membership last?

It is a yearly membership, beginning on the date of enrollment/payment.

What is included in my membership?

Our full list of membership benefits can be viewed on the membership pricing page.

What is a DNQ status?

Did Not Quality (DNQ) means less than 4 players finished. Team will not be ranked; individual players will be.

Individual Medalist - 'I'

Individual player from a school who qualifies to play as a non-team member in a tournament. They will qualify for individual rankings if they meet the criteria.

Why isn't my son/daughter in the rankings?

I.e.: we can only rank the tournament results submitted.... contact your HS coach to request he/she submit their tournaments. This is FREE and requires minimal time to submit.

How do the rankings work?

Click Here to listen to Golfstat's President Mark Laesch's rankings explanation podcast.

How often are the rankings run, when do they post on the website?

The rankings are run on a weekly basis. Tournaments must be fully submitted and approved on NLT each Monday @ 12:01 pm (noon) CST for the Friday rankings posting.

What is the 'Timeline' of the tournament submission and ranking process?

  1. A coach / approved booster parent submits the tournament results online nlt noon each Monday.
  2. The tournament goes through the '48 hour review' process (see explanation below).
  3. If any corrections are reported, HSGS updates the tournament scoresheet/data.
  4. Tournaments are approved to 'live' status by HSGS staff nlt Thursday afternoon of each week.
  5. Tournament data is submitted to Golfstat for ranking calculations. (Thursday - Friday)
  6. Data is returned to HSGS staff for review and QC of rankings.
  7. Weekly rankings are released on Monday evenings during the fall and spring season.* (*delays may occur due to Golfstat and/or QC findings)

What is the 48 hour review process?

Once a tournament has been entered by a coach, it is put in 'pending' status. The 'pending' status means that this tournament is in the 48 hour review period. This allows for all participating tournament coaches to review their team's scores and report any corrections to HSGS. Each coach (who is registered in HSGS system) will receive a 'review' email asking them to report any corrections to the HSGS Support Team via email. If corrections are sent, we correct the data. The tournament is typically then moved to 'Live' status following the review/correction period. So the lag time would be a minimum of 48+ hours to become finalized and approved to 'Live' status. Our IT manager approves a new batch of tournaments prior to the weekly deadline to send data to Golfstat for team/player rankings. Rankings are run weekly through the end of May.

Are rankings cumulative through the year or do they reset each season?

The rankings are cumulative for each UIL/TAPPS season. They reset after each State Tournament or NLT September 1st.

What are the rankings criteria?

Click Here to view the team and individual rankings criteria. The criteria were developed by the Texas State Coaches Association, (TAGC), HSGS Staff and Golfstat Staff input.

What is the number of colleges & universities who receive the 'Weekly Rankings' as published on

The Weekly Rankings are distributed via email to all NCAA (Division 1, 2, 3), NAIA, and NJCAA schools. The combined total is +1,900 schools. This represents schools at ALL levels of athletic and academic opportunities.

Why is it important to post my Player Profile?

As a high school golfer, you have approximately 6-7 more tournament scores that are now posted on the Internet for college coaches to view across the country. This has never been the case before. This is the only website where a college coach or academic officer at a college can view your picture, academic information, golf resume and extracurricular activities. Colleges want to see the "whole person" when making decisions.

How do I post my Player Profile?

First, you must be a member of the Scoreboard. To complete your personalized Player Profile, click here to watch a short video tutorial or follow the steps listed below.

  1. Sign in to the system using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the 'Clubhouse' button at the top, right corner of the homepage.
  3. Choose 'My Profile Page'.
  4. You will see the basic profile page. Your high school logo may have been entered by the coach.
  5. To add content, simply click on the the blue 'Edit Page' button.
  6. This will give you a new form to fill out any information about yourself and add a photo if you wish.
  7. To upload a photo, it must be in JPEG or GIF format. (no larger than 175 pixels wide and 100kb in size)
  8. For the Biography, Highlights, or Academics sections, you may type directly in the text box or copy and paste from another program.
  9. When your done, simply click the 'Submit' button. This will take you back to your Profile page and all of your information will be displayed.
  10. You may change your profile as many times as you want, similar to Facebook!

What if I am a current member of the Texas Junior Golf Tour?

Members of the TJGT receive a complimentary HSGS membership as part of their membership benefits.

Your TJGT account information is sent to the HSGS system for processing using the same player email address you registered your TJGT membership. If you did not list a "player email" in your TJGT profile, then TJGT will submit the parent email to HSGS. Please make sure you check both emails for your HSGS ID and Password. The email you use to log into TJGT is usually the email address/user Id you will sign into the HSGS system.** Please allow approx 2 weeks for your HSGS account to be activated following your TJGT registration. Once your information has been imported and processed, you will receive a 'Welcome Letter', vial email, with your initial password and instructions about the website. Once again, check both your player and parent email to confirm delivery.

How do I get my school to participate and get my teams results posted?

Your high school coach receives a FREE membership. Make sure you tell him/her to get involved. This website gives exposure to all Texas high school golf and lets everyone know the results and rankings in every district, region and conference.

The tournament host or ANY participating tournament coach may submit the 'full-field' results. Bottom line... the goal is to get the tournament results submitted and exposure for the team and players. Some coaches may also enlist the help of a booster parent to assist in this manner.

What if my coach will not get involved?

Then contact your booster club or athletic director. Parents and players need to ensure their coaches are accountable for their schools and players recognition. If a coach will still not get involved, then designate a parent to submit the results. Lack of exposure translates into potential scholarship dollars lost.

If I'm not a member of HSGS, will I still be in the rankings?

You will still be in the Leaderboards and Rankings, but will not be able to view expanded results or take advantage of the valuable member benefits, Player Profile, etc.

I played in a tournament and scored very well, why am I not in the individual rankings?

You most likely did not meet the minimum criteria for individuals to be ranked. Your tournaments must be submitted to the Scoreboard and approved to 'live' status before they will be included into the weekly rankings. Please ask your coach about your tournament status. Click here to review criteria.

If a school has more than one team in a tournament (A/B/C teams), how many of the teams are ranked? Do the other teams show up in the leaderboards?

Only the 'A' team is included in the rankings; one team per school. All team scores, A/B/C, will be included in the leaderboards for submitted tournament results.

If a school plays two teams, will all players be included in the individual rankings?

Yes, any player participating in a Varsity tournament will be included in rankings if they meet the ranking criteria.

My team has played a tournament, but why doesn't it appear, or link, on my team page?

Most likely your team did not finish/qualify (DNQ). Teams who finish with less than 4 players, result in a DNQ. We do not link (or post) DNQ tournaments to your team page.

Another reason it may not appear on your team page is that the tournament results have not been submitted by a participating coach to the HSGS system. Ask your coach to submit the results to the Scoreboard. ALL HS coaches receive a free membership. They need to register online to activate it!

I am a coach of a high school and want to get my team on the Scoreboard. How do I get started?

Please click here for a 'Getting Started' guide for coaches!

My team played in a recent tournament. Can I submit only my team's results to the Scoreboard?

NO, we only accept FULL-FIELD results for the Scoreboard and Golfstat rankings. If you have the full-field results available, you may submit them yourself or contact the tournament host and request they submit. This is important for your team and kids to gain valuable exposure.

Can a JV player be included in the rankings?

If they participate in a Varsity tournament and meet the ranking criteria.

Can coaches submit JV tournaments?

Yes, HSGS will post any results on the leaderboards but JV results will not be ranked.

How does our school get on the news section?

Anybody can email pictures or a story and HSGS will post the story on the news section. It will also be linked to your school/team page.

How can I learn how to submit results?

Click Here to watch the video tutorial.

Do I have to submit all the results in one session?

No, HSGS has implemented a new system where coaches/parents may submit results, save their work and return at a later time to finish the complete submission.

How do I enter a Homeschooled player who participated in my tournament?

We have added a 'Homeschool' ID code. When inputting tournament results, search the school drop-down list and select 'homeschool' for the school field. Homeschooled players are eligible for individual rankings if they meet the criteria.

What do I do with players and teams from outside of Texas who compete in invitational tournaments in Texas?

For out of state schools, please send us the official school name (Ie: UIL) in advance and we will have our IT dept. load it into the system. Then, when you go to enter your tournament, you will select this new school from the list. You will have to type in the players name and score; (no rosters loaded). The out of state team / players will not be ranked. All Texas teams / player's scores will be eligible for ranking criteria.

What do I do if a tournament I compete in does not submit scores to the HSGS website, both those in the Texas and those outside the state?

We suggest you contact the tournament host/coach to request they submit the results; or if you can obtain the full-field results, you may submit them too. You can let the host coach know and that your players want to be seen in the leaderboards and rankings! Remember, all high school coaches receive a FREE membership! If a coach will still not get involved, they may contact a booster club / team parent to submit the results. Lack of exposure translates into potential scholarship dollars lost.

We do not accept out of state tournaments.

If a player is ill, injured or disqualified from one round of a multiple round tournament, what happens to their score?

If a player does not finish a round, his score is '0' and shows as 'DNQ'. He will be dropped from the team scores for the tournament. Only the top 4 player's scores are counted in the team score. If less than 4 players finish, the team gets a DNQ and will not be included in the rankings; but the individuals, who do finish all rounds, will be in the rankings if they meet the criteria.

Is there any way to speed up the process of entering schools and players on the input forms?

NEW FEATURE! We have heard your feedback on ideas to improve the speed to input tournament scores. We have added a new "Save Score & Add Another" button you can click after adding a score. This option will add the current score, then reset the form keeping the school selected. You can then simply choose a different player name and add the scores. This will allow you to streamline your data input and save time! Remember to re-select a new school name when changing teams.

Is there a way to a tournament entry prior to the event?

NEW FEATURE: A coach may 'pre-load' a tournament submission with the schools & players. Simply follow the regular process of entering a tournament, select the school name, add each player, input '0' (zero) for the score and save. After the tournament, you will only need to update the actual scores, re-save and submit for review!

If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us.

Where are they now?

  • Justin Wileman (2009) Southlake, TX - Dallas Baptist University
  • Landon Waters (2007) Wolforth, Tx - Odessa College
  • Katelyn Jones (2007) Lake Jackson, TX - Sam Houston State University
  • Tanner Martin (2008) Atlanta, TX - Texarkana College
  • Matthew Rogers (2007) Houston, TX - St. Edwards University
  • Morgan Reed (2008) Graham, TX - LeTourneau University
  • Kelsey Eargle (2009) Montgomery, TX - West Point
  • Taylor Lopez (S) (2008) Plano, TX - University of Arkansas
  • Tyler Osborn (2008) Tahlequah, OK - Northeastern State University
  • Quinn Kauffman (2008) Colleyville, TX - Sam Houston State University
  • Matt Kukuk (2008) Texas City, TX - Ranger College
  • Jordan Wynn (2008) Edmond, OK - Stephen F. Austin University
  • Austin Smith (2009) Dallas, TX - Paris Jr College
  • Shannon Fish (2007) Spring, TX - University of Texas at Austin
  • Stephanie Pustejovsky (2009) League City, TX - Sam Houston State University
  • Joseph Lucio (2008) Brownsville, TX - Universtiy of Texas-Brownsville
  • Ian Armstrong (2008) Richmond, TX - Houston Baptist University
  • Anthony Milligan (2008) Harlingen, TX - University of Texas-Brownsville
  • Melissa Freeman (2009) Baytown, TX - LeTourneau University
  • Brett Lancaster** (2008) Crowley, TX - Texas A&M University
  • Matthew Stephens (2007) Mont Belvieu, TX - University of Texas @ Tyler / Lamar
  • Travis Johnson (2007) El Campo, TX - University of Texas at Tyler
  • Paul Lassiter (2008) McKinney, TX - McMurray University
  • Layne McBeath (2008) Burkburnett, TX - University of Texas-Dallas
  • Kirsten Spittler (2008) Austin, TX - Sam Houston State University