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El Paso Da Vinci

    This school has not yet submitted their team roster.

Tournament Results 2015-2016

Tournament results are not yet available for El Paso Da Vinci.

There are no related articles for El Paso Da Vinci.

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Where are they now?

  • Megan Rosenfeld (2008) Plano, TX - University of Texas
  • John Colwell (S) (2007) The Woodlands, TX - University of Texas
  • Marcus Opheim (2009) San Marcos, TX - Texas State University
  • Jason Kay (2007) Buda, TX - Odessa College
  • Matthew McClure (2009) Southlake, TX - Trinity University
  • Austin Phillips** (2008) Fort Worth, TX - Texas Christian University
  • Landon Waters (2007) Wolforth, Tx - Odessa College
  • Clint White (S) (2009) Houston, TX - PGCC - Hilton Head
  • Jordan Shrode (S) (2008) San Antonio, TX - University of Texas-San Antonio
  • Tommy Mitchell (2008) The Woodlands, TX - Rice University
  • Maury Shock (2007) Stephenville, TX - Tarleton State University
  • Matt Turland (2008) Ozona, TX - Western Texas College
  • Alison Murdock (2008) Austin, TX - University of Texas-Tyler
  • Rafael Reyes (2007) Laredo, TX - Texas A&M International University
  • Caleb LeNorman (2008) Huntsville, TX - Sam Houston State University
  • Patrick Shanahan (2007) Austin, TX - Creighton University
  • Kyle Crawford (2007) Austin, TX - Concordia University
  • Calvin Clyde (2009) Tyler, TX - Dallas Baptist University
  • Joel Gronberg (2007) Austin, TX - Texas Lutheran University
  • Kevin Sooch** (2008) Austin, TX - University of Michigan
  • Sarah Jarvis (2009) Navasota, TX - Hill College
  • Marcus Terry (2007) Sherman, TX - Texas Wesleyan University
  • Melinda Uriegas (2007) Edinburg, TX - University of Texas Pan American
  • Katy Webster (2008) Mt. Pleasant, TX - Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  • Kelly Fuchik (2007) Tulsa, OK - University of Tulsa