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La Marque Shekinah Radiance

    This school has not yet submitted their team roster.

Tournament Results 2016-2017

Tournament results are not yet available for La Marque Shekinah Radiance.

There are no related articles for La Marque Shekinah Radiance.

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Where are they now?

  • John Duke Hudson (2009) Sonora, TX - College of Charleston
  • Nicolas Ruiz** (2009) Fort Worth, TX - University of Texas - Austin
  • Matthew Vela (2007) San Antonio, TX - St. Mary's University
  • Neal Robinson (2007) Dallas, TX - Baylor University
  • Emily Wharton (2008) Canton, TX - East Central Oklahoma
  • Marcus Opheim (2009) San Marcos, TX - Texas State University
  • Pauline Jacobs (2009) Jefferson, TX - Texarkana College
  • Tiffany Morin (2008) San Antonio, TX - Grand Canyon University
  • Aaron Flores (2009) San Antonio, TX - Our Lady of the Lake University
  • Carol Blanton (2009) Garland, TX - East Central University
  • Daniel Stith (2008) McGuinness, OK - University of Central Oklahoma
  • Megan Dutton (2009) Sherman, TX - East Central University
  • Taylor Knott (S) (2008) Arlington, TX - University of Alabama
  • Jamie Garcia (2007) Houston, TX - Lon Morris College
  • Patrick McKinley** (2008) Dallas, TX - Baylor University
  • Kendra Whittley (2009) San Angelo, TX - Midwestern State University
  • Amanda Herrera (2009) Carrollton, TX - Concordia University
  • Kyle Crawford (2007) Austin, TX - Concordia University
  • John Antle (2009) Graham, TX - Texas Christian University
  • Krystal Marshall (2008) Clinton, OK - Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  • Chris Cox (2007) Houston, TX - Texas Southern University
  • Lizi Sweetnam (2008) Leighton Buzzard, En - Seminole State College
  • Colin Cruz (2007) Amarillo, TX - West Texas A&M University
  • Johnathan Sloss (S) (2008) Alamo, TX - South Texas College
  • Josh Hart (2007) Castroville, TX - University of the Incarnate Word